Tax Cost Comparison

Tax Cost Comparison
Average Per Operation ($US 000)
AreaProperty Taxes per sq ftRankAreaProperty TaxRankAreaTotal TaxesRank
North Dakota$1.54 1North Dakota$73 1Saskatchewan$1,119 1
Lethbridge $1.67 2Lethbridge$94 2Lethbridge$1,124 2
Saskatchewan$1.83 3Saskatchewan$104 3Alberta$1,142 3
Alberta$2.29 4Alberta$112 4British Columbia$1,227 4
British Columbia$3.19 5British Columbia$141 5North Dakota$1,304 5
Montana$3.24 6Montana$175 6Montana$1,329 6
Idaho$3.85 7Idaho$211 7Idaho$1,407 7


1.All figures in $US '000.

2. These figures represent pro-forma estimates made on the basis of a ten year timeframe.

3. Ranking is based on the seven geographic locations portrayed in the table and does not reflect the ranking within the overall survey results.


Competitive Alternatives: KPMG's Guide to International Business Location, 2016 Edition.