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Economic Development Lethbridge adds to website offerings ahead of Municipal Election

Jul 23, 2021

Lethbridge, AB…In advance of the Lethbridge municipal election this fall, Economic Development Lethbridge (EDL) has
added a Municipal Election Toolkit to their website. This election specific page will give candidates looking for economic
numbers and information about Lethbridge and our region selected top line data that they may find useful during their
campaign. The information included ranges from presentations from EDL to Lethbridge City Council and the Economic
Standing Policy Committee, the organization’s latest 4 -year business plan and Year in Review as well as many other
documents developed over the past couple years including surveys of businesses in Lethbridge before and during the
COVID-19 pandemic.

“Economic Development Lethbridge works closely with the City of Lethbridge, and we are hoping by providing this
economic information to all those interested in representing our city, they will gain a better understanding of the work
Economic Development Lethbridge does and how EDL truly are true champions for our city and region,” says, EDL Board of Directors Chair and President, Chris Stasiuk. “The EDL Board of Directors currently has representatives from the City of Lethbridge, and we look forward to welcoming the new representatives from the city later this year.”

The current structure of the EDL Board of Directors calls for the Mayor, the Deputy Mayor, (rotating every 6 months) and the City Manager to maintain seats on the Board. Economic Development Lethbridge is an arm’s length organization, supported in part by the City of Lethbridge, governed by a 31-member volunteer Board of Directors, and managed by a team of professionals dedicated to promoting economic prosperity in Lethbridge. EDL Board Members are drawn from a diverse cross-section of the community with the intention of best accomplishing the mandate and objectives of the organization.

“The information and publications we’ve highlighted on our website in anticipation of the election this October will give
anyone interested in the state of the economy in Lethbridge a better understanding of how the work of EDL contributes to the city. This information is always available on our website, but we wanted to organize it in an easy to find way that all candidates can have access to,” says Trevor Lewington, CEO, Economic Development Lethbridge. “We know improving the economy, supporting local business, and attracting investment in our region are usually included in platforms of those running for Mayor and City Council. We want each of them to have information and data that they can use over the next couple months as they finalize their platforms.” Lewington also is encouraging residents who are eligible to vote in the upcoming election to inform themselves about the candidates and be sure to cast their votes on October 18th. “In 2017 the voter turnout for the Lethbridge municipal election was just 27%. We’re encouraging other organizations to supply data for all candidates to use as they campaign and seek a seat on Council to help shape our city for the foreseeable future.”

Candidates for all positions in the upcoming election are encouraged to use any of the information found on the Choose
Lethbridge website. Candidates can contact to discuss any other economic data they might be requiring.

For more information, contact:
Mark Neskar
Director, Marketing & Communications
Economic Development Lethbridge

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