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New Event Coming to Lethbridge in 2017

Jul 12, 2016

Lethbridge - Sustainival, the world’s first green carnival is headed to Lethbridge in spring 2017 after a strong show of support from Lethbridge City Council yesterday. Sustainival, in partnership with Economic Development Lethbridge, will create a dynamic weekend designed to celebrate sustainability throughout Lethbridge and the southern Alberta Region.

Sustainival is designed to educate and engage all citizens in a positive conversation about sustainability and the environment. The backbone of the event is a collection of over 45 adrenaline filled rides, games and activities that turns even a ride on the Ferris Wheel into an educational experience. The magic of Sustainival happens through “The Green Beast Eco-Challenge” an amazing race style competition that runs daily. The Green Beast challenges attendees to solve an environmental puzzle by scouring the midway, riding every ride and interacting with all environmental activities on-site.

The support from City Council will allow Sustainival to launch its inaugural event tentatively planned for Exhibition Park in Spring 2017, with target dates of June 2-5, 2017 and over 20,000 attendees anticipated.

Mayor Chris Spearman commented in council “Our environment policy says that City Council will take leadership on environmental issues. When someone comes to us with a great plan, I think it is worth supporting. I think it’s important for us to invest in community education on the environment. “

Joey Hundert, the Founder of Sustainival shared the organizations excitement at breaking new ground in Lethbridge. “Over the past six years, we’ve never come across a community with the potential to celebrate so many different aspects of sustainability and environmental leadership. Lethbridge is at the heart of the sustainable agriculture movement, has pioneered Alberta’s renewable energy industry and has repeatedly preserved key environmental areas through policies such as the no development zone. We are thrilled to use Sustainival as a platform to tell the compelling story of Lethbridge’s vibrant sustainability community”

Trevor Lewington, CEO of Economic Development Lethbridge shared “Sustainival has the potential to be a catalyst that ignites an entire series of sustainability and environmental events in our Region. With southern Alberta poised to assert itself as Alberta’s leader in renewable energy, we’re thrilled to consider opportunities for hosting renewable industry investment forums and academic events with the momentum created by Sustainival.”

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