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Lethbridge Regional Economic Recovery Task Force COVID-19 Business Survey

Apr 24, 2020
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For immediate release: April 23, 2020

Lethbridge, AB – The Lethbridge Region Economic Recovery Task Force has completed a survey to hear directly from local businesses about the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of the key findings from businesses that participated in the survey are:

51% have reduced staff
78% have seen a reduction in sales
41% can survive no more than 3 months in the current climate without additional support

“The survey results are extremely helpful as we work to understand the effects of COVID-19 and plan for new strategies that will aid our recovery and help us to continue to move our economy forward,” said Trevor Lewington, CEO, Economic Development Lethbridge and team leader for External Communications for the Task Force.
The survey results have been compiled into an infographic and can be found on the recovery website as well as through our partner websites such as the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce. On the backside of the infographic is information on the Lethbridge Region Economic Recovery Task Force and provides some first steps for businesses as they work to understand the situation. The task force continues to work in full cooperation with provincial and federal governments, to minimize the economic impact, support businesses and employers, and see an economic recovery take place as soon as possible.

“This information is drastically different from our Brighter Together Survey which was completed earlier this year,” added Cyndi Vos, Executive Officer, Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce and team leader of the Barriers to Business pillar of the Task Force. “While not a good news story, the information will help us move forward with proactive strategies that assist business where it is needed most.”

The Lethbridge Region Economic Recovery Task Force is planning another survey in a few weeks to benchmark and track the progress of businesses along with the impacts of the current business supports being offered provincially and federally. Thank you to all the businesses who participated, and we hope that you will continue to take part as we work to collect information to guide the resources we offer.

Media Contacts:
Noorin Chatur-Muhammad
Policy and Communications Analyst
Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce
(403) 327-1586

Mark Neskar
Director, Marketing & Communications
Economic Development Lethbridge
(403) 393-6376

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