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Lethbridge Region Economic Recovery Task Force Unveiled

Mar 23, 2020
For Immediate Release

Lethbridge, AB…A growing list of community partners are coming together to organize, fund and staff an Economic Recovery Task Force for the Lethbridge Region to actively plan for the work required in the coming weeks and months to get southern Alberta’s economy back on track.

Economic Development Lethbridge (EDL) Board Chair, Sandra Mintz notes “All levels of government are currently focussed on the initial response to and containment of the COVID-19 pandemic. Along with our community partners, an Economic Recovery Task Force will be working to better align resources to provide a one stop shop solution when the focus can turn to recovery. The economic impact of the public health measures required to fight COVID-19 will be significant and wide-spread. It will take all of us working together to get our business community back on their feet and get people back to work.” 

The Economic Recovery Task Force will focus on 6 key areas of work including: 1) Providing online resources for business including a safe place for discussion, 2) Access to financial supports and coordinating municipal, provincial, federal and other financial sector partners, 3) Establishing peer support networks and access to counselling, 4) Establishing a physical store front support centre once social distancing restrictions permit, 5) identifying workforce retention and development needs in the business community and 6) addressing other barriers to business and lobbying relevant levels of government on required actions. 

“Now is the time to pull together to plan for economic recovery. Partnering is what SouthGrow does best and we are glad to contribute to this initiative in a strong manner. Our municipalities will need our work now more than ever and we’re ready to put our shoulder into helping our region recover,” said Ron Lagemaat, Vice-Chairperson of SouthGrow Regional Economic Development. “At the core of SouthGrow’s mandate is the sustainability of our communities and quality of life. This crisis is going to change things, that’s for sure, but we’re going to do everything we can to help businesses and individuals get through this to the other side in good shape,” adds Coutts Mayor Jim Willett, Chairperson of SouthGrow Regional Economic Development.   

The goal of the Task Force will be to avoid unnecessary duplication of services and programs by different providers in the community while at the same time modelling the lessons learned from other disasters and economic disruptions.  

Cyndi Vos, Executive Officer of the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce summarizes the situation well, “In a time of uncertainty and unease in our homes, communities and country, the people of the Lethbridge region never cease to amaze me. Over the last couple of days community partners have rallied together to find ways to strategize for the step of recovery. I have been trying for days to find the silver lining of this collapse in our world. I, myself, have had to step back and refocus and come forward with a mind that was not full of frustration. Why is this happening? What are we meant to learn from this all? #BrighterTogether is the answer. #BrighterTogether is more than a hashtag or phrase. It is the way we work together in our region. Collaboration is strong in our community and the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce is proud to be among strong leaders. As our mission statement notes, it is our duty to be a Convenor for Leaders, Champion for a strong Community and a Catalyst for Business Growth to enhance a healthy economic and social environment in our region. Together, we will do our part and work through the challenges that lie ahead. We have many people who believe in our community, our businesses and each other.” 

Business owners can access online the initial resources at and email suggestion, ideas and comments to A centralized number for inquiries is also available at (587) 800 3356. 

An overview of the project and initial work streams is attached to this release. More information will be provided as additional services and programs are made available.   


 For more information, contact:     

Trevor Lewington
External Communications & Relations
Lethbridge Region Economic Recovery Task Force

Mark Neskar
Vertical Team Leader – Online Resources
Lethbridge Region Economic Recovery Task Force

Sheri Kain
Vertical Team Leader – Financial Supports
Lethbridge Region Economic Recovery Task Force

Stephen Mogdan
Vertical Team Leader – Support Centre
Lethbridge Region Economic Recovery Task Force 

Peter Casurella
Vertical Team Leader – Workforce Retention & Development
Lethbridge Region Economic Recovery Task Force

Cyndi Vos
Vertical Team Leader – Barriers to Business
Lethbridge Region Economic Recovery Task Force

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