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LIving 'Brighter Together'

Nov 1, 2019
We’re doing something a little different this year!  Every other year, Economic Development Lethbridge (EDL) has conducted a Major Employer survey.  You can find the results on our website under the Market Data section.  As we prepare to launch this year’s survey, we wanted to find out more information and we wanted to not only look at the Major Employers but also our Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SME’s). 

The solution was to live our community brand … Lethbridge Brighter Together! 

So, this year we are combining forces with the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce to not only survey the Major Employers but the Chamber Membership, which includes many of our SME’s. The survey will begin October 25th and will be available until November 8th with results available in the first quarter of 2020.  If you are an employer and are concerned that this will be a long drawn out survey, don’t worry!  It is less than 10 questions where you get to select pre-set answers. It should take less than 2 minutes of your time so please help us uncover the needs of the business community.

While Major Employers account for 35% of the area’s employed workforce, over 80% of businesses in Lethbridge are small to medium sized enterprises (SME’s). Having responses from both groups will provide information on how we can better serve our businesses and highlight opportunities for future growth.  

The last Major Employers survey was conducted in 2017 and saw the number of major employers jump from 45 to 49 in the Lethbridge area. The top 10 employers employed over 13,000 people. While the public sector was still the largest employer in the region, its growth was outpaced by that of the private sector.  This information helps us to determine what the region is doing well when it comes to employment and possibly where some gaps may be occurring.   

This year’s survey with the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce will include not only questions about employment but 8 other quick questions for employers to fill out.  This is a great way to gain valuable knowledge about what is being accomplished in the region in terms of implementing new processes, innovation and technologies to give us a better understanding of how we as an organization and region can attract more employers, help existing ones, and grow some of the medium sized businesses into major employers if they are ready to take that step.  

The Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce has been a great partner and has conducted numerous surveys with their members in the past. We are both thrilled to live the Brighter Together brand by working collaboratively on this project. The new community brand, Lethbridge Brighter Together, showcases our spirit of innovation and is more than just the way we do business.  It’s a way of life.  We recognize that we are a product of our incredible environment and know we each play a role in weaving the cultural fabric we proudly call our community; Brighter Together is how we can come together and help move Lethbridge forward.   

Employers that wish to participate in the survey can do so by visiting our websites:

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