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Building a Big Future, We're Brighter Together

May 27, 2019
There are many big reasons to be optimistic about a bright future for Lethbridge. In 2019, we will celebrate the grand opening of the science and academic building at the University of Lethbridge creating new opportunities for students and researchers. Lethbridge will also see the opening of Cavendish Farms’ new french fry manufacturing facility creating new jobs and supporting potato growers across the region. The opening of the Cor Van Ray YMCA at the ATB Centre has already brought new energy and opportunity to the city’s west side. There are many other big opportunities ahead.

Economic Development Lethbridge (EDL) often uses the hashtag #southernalbertafeedstheworld on our social media platforms. Meeting increasing global demand for high quality and safe food is an opportunity where southern Alberta’s growers, processors, researchers and supply chain experts can take the lead. We are working with our regional partners to promote Canada’s Premier Food Corridor that stretches from Lethbridge along Highway 3 to Taber. Increasing value added processing right in our own back yard combined with driving increased exports will provide jobs and enhance economic opportunities for all businesses that support the agrifood value chain.

The City of Lethbridge has invested in the necessary infrastructure to expand the Sherring Business and Industrial Park. Increasing the available serviced land by almost 300 acres will allow EDL to continue to market the city as a destination for enterprise. We continue to work on attracting new investments in manufacturing, value-added agrifood processing, transportation and logistics. 

Another big opportunity includes the redevelopment of the Lethbridge airport. Work has been completed on a long-term master plan for the terminal building, airport infrastructure and services required to support a logistics and warehousing hub. The airport property has the potential to be home to a broad range of light industrial and commercial businesses.

It is also important not to overlook the big impact of small business. Most job creation in the economy comes from small and medium sized businesses. A bright spot for Lethbridge is the many innovative entrepreneurs in our community. Economic Development Lethbridge will continue to be here to support local entrepreneurs and businesses through Tecconnect as well as promote our community as a place where businesses and citizens can thrive. As we surpass 100k population, we welcome new opportunities and businesses that think differently to continue to  showcase Lethbridge as a city that is brighter together.

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