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Pitch & Presenting Workshop Success

Apr 30, 2018
How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice. Practice. Practice. The same path to success is found in the business world as well and Darren Neuberger, a business advisor at Tecconnect in Lethbridge, says it’s a key undertaking for entrepreneurs who are making pitches and presentations aimed at growing their business.

“You want to make sure when you’re on your pitch that you are always going to be the solution to whatever a company or an investor’s problem is. You have to pinpoint that and put it in 10 or 15 slides - how you are the solution to some business or company’s problem,” says Neuberger, who also runs his own company called Red Jolt - a personal development company where he offers motivational speaking, presentation coaching, empowerment coaching and business advice.

Through Tecconnect, an initiative of Economic Development Lethbridge, Neuberger works with entrepreneurs who are ready to take that leap into ready-for-market businesses. He recently finished up his four-week Presenting & Pitching workshop put on by Tecconnect - a centre for entrepreneurship and innovation in Lethbridge, helping entrepreneurs start and grow their business within a supportive and innovative environment. It’s a space and community that encourages the development of new ideas that transform industries and shape the future.

The four-part series offered participants tips and tricks for anyone that is interested in elevating their presenting and pitching skills. “I delivered sessions on how to pitch and what a pitch looks like, how to deliver a pitch to an investor or a company, how to pitch to sell a product and the final session included an opportunity to deliver a five-minute pitch before judges where the pitches were evaluated,” says Neuberger.

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