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Market Data

At Economic Development Lethbridge, we are dedicated to providing quality data that helps you gain a better understanding of the trends and economic indicators in the community. While there is a wealth of information below, we are also working to add new information as it becomes available. If you have have any questions, or are looking for a specific data set not listed here, please contact


City of Lethbridge Population by Dependency Group
Lethbridge Population by Age Group
Lethbridge Municipal Census Population Data by Region
Lethbridge Population Data by Municipal Census Year
Lethbridge Municipal Census Population Data by Region
Lethbridge Population by Dependency Group
Economic Indicators
Lethbridge & Region Major Development Projects
Lethbridge CA Labour Market Information
GDP & Economic Indicators
Business Environment
City of Lethbridge Tax Rate (Mills) 2016
Lethbridge Licensed Businesses
Building Permit Summary 2007-2016
Tax Cost Comparison
Lethbridge County, 2016 Tax Rate (Mills)
City of Lethbridge 2016 Tax Levy
Corporate Tax Summary
Industry & Workforce
2015 Major Employers of Lethbridge - Lethbridge Companies Employing 100 or More People
Lethbridge College Graduates by Program Band
Labour Force Distribution by Industry Sector
University of Lethbridge Degrees, Diplomas & Certificates, Awarded by Faculty/School by Convocation Year
Interprovincial Tax & Health Care Premium Comparison 2017
Rental Market Vacancy Rate
Average Rental Cost
Average Resale Home Price Comparison - Alberta Large to Mid-Sized Cities
Lethbridge Climate Normals