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Market Data

At Economic Development Lethbridge, we are dedicated to providing quality data that helps you gain a better understanding of the trends and economic indicators in the community. While there is a wealth of information below, we are also working to add new information as it becomes available. If you have any questions, or are looking for a specific data set not listed here, please contact


Lethbridge Population by Age Group
% of Overall Immigrant Population by Year of Arrival - Lethbridge CMA
% of Total Recent Immigrants (2011-2016) by Place of Birth - Lethbridge CMA
Lethbridge Population by Dependency Group
Lethbridge Municipal Census Population Data by Region
Lethbridge Population Data by Municipal Census Year
Economic Indicators
Lethbridge & Region Major Development Projects
Lethbridge CA Labour Market Information
GDP & Economic Indicators
Business Environment
Corporate Tax Summary
City of Lethbridge 2018 Tax Levy
Lethbridge County, 2018 Tax Rate (Mills)
City of Lethbridge Tax Rate (Mills) 2018
Building Permit Summary 2008-2017
Lethbridge Licensed Businesses
Industry & Workforce
Labour Force Distribution by Industry Sector
2017 Major Employers of Lethbridge - Lethbridge Companies Employing 100 or More People
Lethbridge College Graduates by Program Band
University of Lethbridge Degrees, Diplomas & Certificates, awarded by Faculty/School by Convocation Year
Median Total Income by Region
Daily Commuting Duration of Less Than 15 Minutes - Western Canadian CMA Comparison
Average Rental Cost
Average Resale Home Price Comparison - Alberta Large to Mid-Sized Cities
Average Resale Home Price Comparison - Alberta Large to Mid-Sized Cities
Interprovincial Tax & Health Care Premium Comparison 2017
Lethbridge Climate Normals