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Building our Brand

THANK YOU! To the community members who have provided their feedback through surveys, presentation participation and engagement sessions. Using all the information we have gathered, we have unveiled objectives, key messages and the Lethbridge Brighter Together community brand. The hope and messaging behind the Lethbridge Brighter Together community brand is " Our spirit of innovation is more than just the way we do business. It's a way of life. We recognize that we are a product of our incredible environment, and know we each play a role in weaving the cultural fabric we call our community. We are not afraid to stand apart, but we are brighter together. We are Lethbridge."

The Lethbridge Brighter Together brand objectives are:

  • Support the goal of economic diversification for Lethbridge.
  • Capture the personality of the city: solid (rooted in history and tradition), enthusiastic, friendly, intelligent, green.
  • Help to build a knowledge economy founded in creativity and innovation.
  • Attract smart, interersting businesses and people to enrich life in the city.
  • Continue to build a diverse, friendly community.

The key messages of the Lethbridge Brighter Together community brand are:

  • Lethbridge is a desireable and welcoming place to live and raise a family.
  • Lethbridge is a place that embraces our traditions, culture and natural beauty.
  • Lethbridge is a place of innovation in neurosciences and renewable energy.
  • Lethbridge welcomes businesses that think differently.
The Brighter Together brand goal is:

Lethbridge embodies and intelligent and thoughtful community, with deep roots that supports innovation.

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Did You Know?

Lethbridge has 320 days of sunshine each year.