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Building our Brand

THANK YOU! To all of the community memebers who have provided tehir feedback through surveys, presentation particpitaion and engagement sessions. Using all of the infomration we have gathered, we are almost ready to share brand narrative and draft visuals with you for additional input. 

Check back soon.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact

Additional Background Info

Research shows that the more residents are attached to their place, the more positive outcomes the place enjoys. In other words, loved places do better. Places with higher attachment have lower school drop out rates, better public health and greater local economic growth than those with lower attachment levels. 

As part of the Intelligent Community initiative, Economic Development Lethbridge completed an ‘Our Lethbridge’ Survey to gain a better understanding of the community attributes that make people ‘attach’ to this place. The high-level overview is available here.

With research-based results in place, the next part of the brand journey was to engage the community in interactive sessions to gain insight into the lived experience of Lethbridge in fun and tangible way. We held a few sessions in Fall 2016 and gathered additional throughts through our interactive online tool to complement this process.

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Did You Know?

Every year more than 2,800 people complete some form of postsecondary education in Lethbridge.