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Rural Renewal Stream Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become an approved employer to access this program?

Access to the Lethbridge Rural Renewal Program is currently restricted to companies operating a business within the City of Lethbridge in the following NAICS categories:

Manufacturing (NAICS 31-33)
Construction (NAICS 23)
Architectural, Engineering & Related Services (NAICS 5413)
Health Care & Social Assistance (NAICS 62)
Automotive Repair & Maintenance (NAICS 8111, 4411)

Why is access to this program restricted to companies in these industries?

Demand for this program exceeds the resources presently in place to facilitate it. As a result, entry to this program has been limited to private sector applicants in wealth-generating industries that produce goods as well as industries with a core focus on innovation and Industry 4.0 concepts. The Partnership Council will monitor the volume of applications and could amend the eligibility criteria as the program evolves.

Can consultants or HR Staffing companies represent a business.

Employers are required to designate an internal employee as a point of contact as part of the approval process. Consultants and HR Staffing firms are not eligible to represent a business under program parameters.

What is required of the employer designated point of contact

This point of contact must provide timely communication and be responsive with program administrators if & when their business is approved. Failure to do so (or to use an external agent to facilitate the program on the employers behalf) will result in disqualification from the program.

If I am an approved employed in an eligible industry, are all job vacancies I have eligible for the program.

Even if an employer is approved, they must demonstrate that they have made efforts to fill vacant positions locally. This is defined as posting the vacant position on local and national job boards and indicating when these available positions were posted. This helps to ensure the program operates efficiently while maintaining access for those with vacancies pertinent to their core business function.

How do I obtain an endorsement letter through this program?

The Partnership Council overseeing the Lethbridge program cannot offer letters of endorsement directly to prospective candidates. Candidates must receive a job offer from an employer based within the City of Lethbridge who has been approved by the Partnership Council to use the program. It is the responsibility of the employer to apply to ensure they meet the criteria for entry (the program is presently restricted to specific NAICS codes), apply to the program, vet and select the best candidate and request the endorsement letter on their behalf. Once employers have been approved to use the program, eligible job vacancies they would like to fill will be posted on the job posting board on the website. Prospective candidates must follow the application details within each job posting.
Please be advised that Economic Development Lethbridge and the Partnership Council will not address issues regarding an endorsement letter until after a job offer has been issued. In the event a candidate reaches out about an endorsement letter to either Economic Development Lethbridge or the Partnership Council (or another City of Lethbridge entity), they will be redirected to the website highlighting program rules.

I have experience that matches the job description for a posted position. Will I be a good fit for this role?

Please be sure to go through the licensing, registration & certification requirements outlined on the Alberta Rural Renewal Stream eligibility website. You must have the required licensing, registration or certification to work in your current occupation in Alberta or occupation in your Alberta job offer as well as experience that matches program requirements. If you are working in a compulsory trade, you must have a valid Alberta Apprenticeship & Industry Trade recognized trade certificate. Please review the TEER category when considering an application to ensure the job offer and work experience criteria match.
The program is intended to help fill labour gaps but also to build communities. With this in mind, candidates will be screened by the Partnership Council to ensure they are familiar with Lethbridge and express a desire to build a life in the city.

If I receive a job offer from an eligible employer and a subsequent endorsement letter from the Partnership Council, when should I apply to the AAIP?

Once the letter of endorsement is issued by the Partnership Council, the candidate/employee is expected to enter their information into the AAIP Portal as soon as possible. Once the information is entered into the portal, the nomination for permanent residency begins immediately.

How does the Rural Renewal Stream help local employers/Lethbridge?

The Rural Renewal Stream provides an opportunity to hire a candidate with temporary status that would otherwise be prohibited from hiring under current federal or provincial temporary worker programs. It also represents an opportunity to bring new individuals into Lethbridge.

Can Ukrainian nationals apply for postings by approved employers?

Yes - the Rural Renewal Program is open to any eligible candidate who has a formal job offer from an approved employer so long as they have a valid temporary status and meet the program requirements as outlined by the provincial government under the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program.

Can Economic Development Lethbridge or the Community Partnership answer specific questions regarding applications or candidates?

The best place to look for information on the Rural Renewal Program for the most current information is on the provincial page. Program updates that outline provincial rules regarding candidate eligibility and required documents will be located here. The program is intended to be straightforward to use and all required information should be accessible through the provincial page and the Lethbridge Rural Renewal Stream website (hosted at

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