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Employers need to be in either the Manufacturing (NAICS code 31-33), Construction (NAICS code 23), or Engineering - Architectural & Related Services (NAICS code 5413) Health Care & Social Services (NAICS 62), Automotive Repair & Maintenance (NAICS 8111 and 4411) to be eligible for the Rural Renewal Stream. These sectors are currently the only ones which will be considered at the current time.

There is robust criteria governing the employer approval process as the Program Administrator (EDL) and the Partnership Council have to ensure that the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) criteria is adhered to. The Partnership Council will also follow the guidelines set by the Program Administrator regarding the industries eligible to use the program when considering approvals.

Economic Development Lethbridge will provide a PDF or online form that interested employers are required to complete to determine program eligibility. Companies applying to the program will be required to sign an employer declaration waiver confirming that the information they have provided is accurate to the best of their knowledge. Applicants who are not in the designated industries will receive
notice that they are not eligible and their applications will not be reviewed by the Partnership Council. EDL will verify all information involved in the employer approval process and will flag any information of concern to the Partnership Council to the best of its ability. The information that has to be confirmed and verified before an employer is approved under this program is outlined below:

  • NAICS Code - This has to align with the eligible industries. At present these industries are:
  1. Manufacturing (NAICS 31-33)
  2. Construction (NAICS 23)
  3. Architectural/Engineering & Related Services (NAICS 5413)
  4. Health Care & Social Assistance (NAICS 62)
  5. Automotive Repair & maintenance (NAICS 8111 and 4411)
  • Meet all eligibility criteria under the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program Rural Renewal Stream - Employers must meet this criteria prior to issuing an offer of employment:
  1. Continuous, paid work in the City of Lethbridge
  2. Full-time work (defined as 30 hours per week)
  3. Employment for at least 12 months
  4. Wages and benefits that exceed the lowest starting wage for your occupation across all industries in AB listed on the ALIS website
  5. Wages for a position with an LMIA must meet or exceed the requirements set out in the LMIA
  • Point of Contact - An employer must designate an internal employee as a point of contact in order to use the program. Failure to do so (or to use a third party or consultant) will result in disqualification from the program. Staffing firms are not eligible to use this program or to serve as a conduit for participating employers.
  • Incorporation/Registration Status - The company must be incorporated or registered at the provincial/national level and operate as a business that has an established production process, plant, or place of business in Lethbridge.
  • Full-Time Employment - Eligible companies have to offer full-time employment (continuous, 12 months or more) to meet the criteria of the Rural Renewal Stream and the Community  Partnership Council. This includes wages & benefits that meet or exceed the lowest starting wage for the occupation across all industries in Alberta as set out on the ALIS website.
  • Business License - Participating businesses must have a valid City of Lethbridge business license with a corresponding physical business location inside the City of Lethbridge.
  • Regulatory Compliance - Participating businesses must not be in violation of any federal or provincial regulations.
  • Occupational Health & Safety – Eligible companies must not have any complaints within the 24 months prior to applying and be in good standing. 
  • Knowledge of Immigration Laws & Regulations - Applicants must demonstrate that they have knowledge of employer responsibilities with respect to federal & provincial immigration laws and regulations.
  • Local Efforts to Fill the Position - Employers must demonstrate that they have made efforts to fill the position locally. This will be defined as posting the vacant position for a minimum of two weeks.
  • Welcoming Workplace - Participating businesses have to demonstrate that they are a welcoming workplace that is aware of the risks of recruiting newcomers to the workplace & community.
  • Housing Support – Employers must outline and describe how they will assist the candidate/employee with attaining suitable and affordable accommodation.
  • Work with the Community Partnership Council - Participating businesses agree to work with the Community Partnership Council to create conditions for newcomers to thrive in Lethbridge.
  • Business Eligibility - Home-based businesses, independent contractors, & temporary agency workers are not eligible to use the program.

The goal of the program is to determine employer eligibility within 30 days of receiving an application. Once an employer is approved, they can bring job postings for unfilled positions to the Council (these also have to receive approval prior to being posted on the Lethbridge Rural Renewal Job Board). Occupational roles most closely connected to core-business functions will be prioritized by the Council. 

After the employer is approved, they are eligible to use the program after posting positions locally for a period of two weeks. Employers are free to post any position but occupational roles most closely related to core-business functions will be prioritized. All of these roles will be outlined on the Priority NOC page on the website. It is the intention of the Program Administrator to make a
determination on priority roles in 30 days or less.

There is no cost to employers to use the program at this time although this is subject to review and could change if the Program Administrator and Partnership Council come to an understanding that a fee is required to facilitate the program.
Employers play an integral role in the success of the Lethbridge Rural Renewal Stream.

If your company is interested in participating in the program, and are currently a business in the eligible sectors, please fill out a Rural Renewal Employer Form and email it to

Safe and Welcoming Workplace

A safe and welcoming workplace creates an environment where all employees are valued, included, treated with respect, and reasonably free from physical and psychological danger.

A safe and welcoming workplace can be created by:

  • Including appropriate onboarding and training, establishing policies and procedures that clearly outline the company’s culture and values, defining performance expectations, and providing equitable opportunities for professional growth and/or advancement.
  • Maintaining a work environment that prohibits all forms of harassment, discrimination, and racism by ensuring that effective policies are in place both for reporting and responding to any incidents that may occur.
  • Recognizing that newcomers may require additional levels of support upon arrival, such as language or skill building, a community orientation, and/or a mentorship program, that help to set newcomers up for successful integration into the workplace and community.

For more information on safe and welcoming workplaces, visit
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