Lethbridge & Region Major Development Projects

Industrial Sector
ProjectOutcomeValue (in millions)Expected Completion
Retail Sector
ProjectOutcomeValue (in millions)Expected Completion
Institutional Sector
Core Infrastructure
Project OutcomeValue (in millions)Expected Completion
City of LethbridgeElectrical Distribution - Extension & Improvement - Annual Program$42.9Annual Program
City of LethbridgeWastewater Treatment Plant - Primary Clarifier Replacement$16.22020
City of LethbridgeWastewater Treatment Plant - Headworks & Clarifier Upgrades$15.92020
City of LethbridgeElectrical Distribution - Annual Renewal Program$13.3Annual Program
City of LethbridgeTransportation - Annual Overlay Program$13.2Annual Program
City of LethbridgeWater Treatment Plant - Process Redundancy$12.12021
City of LethbridgeUniversity Dr - Community Stadium to Sunridge Blvd W$10.92020
City of LethbridgeSubstation Transformer Upgrades$10.6Annual Program
City of LethbridgeWaste & Recycling Centre - Disposal Cell Development & Closure$10.5Annual Program
City of Lethbridge3rd Avenue S (4th-8th St) - Reconstruction$10.12020
City of LethbridgeWater Reservoir Upgrades$9.42021
City of LethbridgeLandfill - Gas & Leachate Management System$7.22020
City of LethbridgeMetis Trail - Temple Blvd to Coalbrook Gate$6.92020
City of Lethbridge Legacy Park$6.82020
City of LethbridgeWastewater Treatment Plant - Phosphorous Recovery$6.02022
City of LethbridgeWhoop Up - Bridge Girder Coating$5.52020
ProjectOutcomeValue (in millions)Expected Completion
Southwest Design Apartment Construction$5.52020
Community Supports
ProjectOutcomeValue (in millions)Expected Completion
All Saints ParishNew Facilty$20.0 *2021
New Fire Station #5 - WestNew Facility$10.32020
Lethbridge Airport Renovations - Phase 1$7.52021
Health Services
ProjectOutcomeValue (in millions)Expected Completion
Education, Training, & Research
ProjectOutcomeValue (in millions)Expected Completion
New SchoolConstruction of Elementary School$13.82020
Recreation & Leisure
ProjectOutcomeValue (in millions)Expected Completion
Total: Lethbridge & Region, Major Development Projects$254.6


i This list is indicative of major projects but is not comprehensive of all Lethbridge and region activity
ii Includes projects valued at $5.0 million or higher
iii Categorized by project sector and subsector
iv Updated October 2019 v Expenditures are calculated for 2020-2023.
* Proposed


Alberta Finance & Enterprise, Inventory of Major Alberta Projects
ii City of Lethbridge Capital Improvement Plan 2018-2027
iii Corporate News Releases