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Marketing Campaigns

Over the years, we have initiated several marketing campaigns to attract skilled workers, raise awareness of the opportunities in Lethbridge and celebrate the many businesses and organizations who are doing great work in the community. Below you will find a few samples of these campaigns.

Success in Lethbridge (2013)

The Success in Lethbridge initiative was designed to raise awareness of the quality and diversity of businesses that are succeeding in the region and create a sense of community pride. Pro-actively raising awareness of the city’s value and telling stories of success was intended to increase collective understanding of Lethbridge and enhance the probability of success for businesses, organizations and post-secondary institutions. 

Mind Blowing Facts (2010)

The Lethbridge awareness campaign was intended to highlight amazing, but often little known, facts about our city and elevate the perception of Lethbridge in the minds of Albertans. The campaign received marketing awards of excellence from the Economic Developers of Alberta (EDA) in the categories of Branding-Destination Marketing and Advertising. It also garnered a national award in the Advertising Campaign category from the Economic Developers Association of Canada.

Doing Business in Lethbridge Radio Campaign (Audio)

Listen to a 30 second radio public service announcement about doing business in Lethbridge.

Lethbridge Promotional Video (Video)

Watch a 10-minute video on Lethbridge. (Movie File(wmv), 20MB)

Choose Lethbridge Video for Canada AM (Video)

Choose Lethbridge Video produced for Canada AM.

YOU BELONG HERE Labour Force Initiative Print Ads

The following print ads have been developed to retain the qualified workers that already call Lethbridge home, to ensure that we continue to meet our labour force demand.

YOU BELONG HERE Labour Force Initiative Radio Ads

The following radio ads have been developed to attract and retain qualified workers to meet our labour force demand. Their light-hearted approach focuses on the quality of life offered in our region compared to some of the challenges being faced elsewhere in the province.

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Did You Know?

The Southern Alberta agricultural region has an annual production capacity of over 860,000 acres in canola crops - 21% of the Alberta total canola crops are grown here.