Team Lethbridge Heads to Edmonton for Third Time

Lethbridge’s many strengths and opportunities – including a diversified economy, rich arts and cultural heritage, strong public sector leadership and industry strength – are once again the topics of discussion when representatives from 18 city organizations travel to Edmonton to meet with Government of Alberta elected officials and their staff teams.

This is the third trip that Team Lethbridge is making to highlight the progressive work being undertaken in our city, express appreciation for the province’s commitments in Lethbridge and offer our support in building solutions for the future.

Cheryl Meheden, board chair of Economic Development Lethbridge (EDL); says, “Since our first trip four years ago, we believe there has been a marked increase in communication with provincial government leaders and opposition members.  This improved connectivity is one of our goals.  Also, given our distance from the legislature and the important contributions Lethbridge is making in Alberta, it is valuable to take time to emphasize the assets of our community and learn more about how to work effectively with the provincial government.”