Board approves 2015-2018 strategic plan: Economic Development for a First-Class Small City

EDL places more emphasis in the new four-year plan on economic strength and diversity, combined with quality of life.

EDL will move this forward with a major new priority in collaboration with the City of Lethbridge, Team Lethbridge and other stakeholders throughout the community to achieve the ‘Intelligent Community’ designation. This work gives Lethbridge citizens and companies the capacity to participate fully in the digital economy, keeping Lethbridge competitive in a rapidly changing global market.

This also supports EDL’s continuing focus on the growing knowledge economy through our work with tecconnect – An Alberta centre for new commerce and the Regional innovation Network of Southern Alberta.

“I am looking forward to the work we will be doing to set the priorities for the organization for the next four years,” says EDL Board Chair Kurt Schlachter. “Through this planning we will continue to build partnerships like Team Lethbridge that allow us to leverage City funding into real results for our community.”