Partnership-based approached highlights Lethbridge in a significant way at the Geoalberta Conference

Economic Development Lethbridge (EDL), together with tecconnect client Ventus Geospatial, Lethbridge-based Info Chip and EDL partners BlackBridge and the Regional Innovation Network of Southern Alberta (RINSA), make a big impact at the GeoAlberta Conference in Calgary. 

EDL CEO Cheryl Dick delivers ‘Creating an Environment for Technology Success’ as the keynote lunch speaker to explain how Lethbridge came together as a community to support a growing technology sector, with an emphasis on geospatial technologies.

EDL and  partners host the Lethbridge Night reception, which includes 35 ‘Lethbridge Champions’ who travel to Calgary to promote Lethbridge and share the attributes that make this city a great place to live, learn and do business.