Information and cultural industries show 100% employment growth

The Conference Board of Canada’s 2014 Mid-Sized Cities Outlook shows noteworthy growth in the emerging Information and Cultural industry. With a GDP increase of 12.3% and employment growth of 100% (300 to 600 Lethbridge jobs), this sector experiences the largest rate of increase of any sector between 2012 and 2013. The wealth generating industries of Agriculture & Manufacturing also continue to add to the economic growth experienced in this city and region.
“The traditional industries will always be primary economic drivers in the region, however, focused efforts in the IT sector will be critical to ensuring economic  diversity now and in the future,” says Cheryl Dick, CEO of EDL.  “For the past three years EDL has placed significant emphasis on investment attraction and growth in the high-tech sector by continuing to leverage tecconnect – An Alberta centre for commerce as one of the anchors to the local IT and geospatial industries.”