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50% of the technology companies incubating in tecconnect-an Alberta centre for new commerce, were started by, or currently employ, U of L graduates.

The U of L Campus spans more than 500 acres and is nestled on the banks of the Old Man River.

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Commercial Real Estate Statistics

Lethbridge has a wide variety of commercial real estate both within the city and in the surrounding region, offered in a range of locations, land use zones, and price points.  There is close to 12.5 million square feet of leasable property in Lethbridge: 7.5 million commercial, 4 million industrial and 1 million of office space.  Economic Development Lethbridge works with local commercial realty firms to monitor, track and analyze both the lease and sales market activity in Lethbridge, with the result provided through the user interface below.

To view available Lethbridge commercial property listings visit: www.avisonyoung.com, www.bankerscommercial.com or www.realtor.ca

2015 Summary

The commercial real estate market in Lethbridge performed well in 2015.  The number of property leases remained ahead of the five-year average, with sales transactions showing similar results.  The cost to lease or buy property declined in 2015 supporting a competitive site cost environment for new and existing businesses.  The long term stability exhibited in the Lethbridge market provides a sense of cost-security that supports business planning and profitable operations, a situation not found in other less diversified economies in Alberta and across Western Canada.


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We would like to recognize the partner organizations that make these statistics a reality:

Economic Development Lethbridge
308 Stafford Drive South
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada   T1J 2L1

Phone: (403) 331-0022
Fax: (403) 331-0202
Toll Free: 1-800-332-1801

E-Mail: info@chooselethbridge.ca

Investment Inquiries Contact:
Heather McIntosh-Rivera, Director
Business Development & Operations

Phone: (403) 331-0022
E-Mail: heather@chooselethbridge.ca

Convention & Events Contact:
Erin Crane, Director
Meeting, Event & Partnership Development

Phone: (403) 331-0022
E-Mail: erin@chooselethbridge.ca

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