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4.1 million
The amount of square footage of floor that manufacturing firms in Lethbridge occupy. The equivalent to 70 (NFL) football fields (47 CFL football fields).

Lethbridge-based BlackBridge Group is the world's fourth largest private owner of space-based satellites. They also have one of the world's few high resolution, rapid-eye satellites and five other imaging satellites.

 Home Business Key Industries & Sectors Manufacturing
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Manufacturing and Distribution have a solid foundation in the Lethbridge area, much of it in support of agriculture and agri-food. From specialized trailers to aircraft engines, Lethbridge is home to a range of small to medium sized manufacturers. Oil and gas equipment, and home manufacturers benefit from cost-effective manufacturing of products and supplies. Automation and robotics, lean manufacturing and Kaizen practices contribute to the continued success of these businesses and our highly diversified local economy. Heavy manufacturing is also a significant industry in Lethbridge, not only in terms of job creation and employment, but also in the economic impact it has on the city. A competitive tax structure, excellent proximity to markets and a highly dependable workforce has allowed a diversified manufacturing base to thrive and grow in Lethbridge.

In a recent study by Economic Development Lethbridge, the Manufacturing companies surveyed reported combined revenue of $331 million annually. They also: 

  • Employ 1,740 people
  • Pay wages of $122 million per year
  • Export their products provincially (82%) and internationally (52%)
  • Invest in equipment ($8 million in 2013) and technology ($3 million in 2013)

Did you know?

  • Manufacturing firms in Lethbridge occupy more than 4.1 million square feet of floor space, the equivalent 70 (NFL) football fields (47 CFL football fields).
  • Haul-All Equipment in Lethbridge is a world leader in bear-proof garbage receptacles and recyclable collection equipment; they manufacture all of the angled garbage bins for the 44 Canadian national parks, as well as supplying specially design trash bins to the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC.
  • BCT Structures construction included the pour of a 100,000 ft2 concrete floor, one of the largest pours in Lethbridge history.
  • Triple M Housing’s 800 foot long facility can accommodate up to 32 homes.   
According to the Conference Board of Canada's 2015 Mid-Sized Cities Outlook Report, Manufacturing contributes $455 million to Lethbridge's GDP accounting for 9% of the overall output. This is expected to grow to $472 million in 2016, an increase of 3.7% over a two year period. Examples of companies that contribute to the growth in this key industry are listed below with a more comprehensive directory on our interactive map.

Southland Trailers is the largest manufacturer of light industrial trailers in Western Canada, and one of largest in the country. Operating under three brand names–Southland Trailers, Royal Cargo, and Renn–the company builds horse and stock trailers, cargo trailers, wagons, flat decks, car haulers, utility dump wagons, gravel pups, belly and end dumps, custom trailers, and more. Its products are sold through a network of dealers spread across western Canada, northwestern United States, Yukon, and the Northwest Territories.

Pratt & Whitney Canada has plants in Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia and Alberta. The Lethbridge plant employs 130 people and assembles and tests the PT6 helicopter engine. Currently 700 airlines use Pratt & Whitney engines and there are 45,000 PWC engines in use worldwide.

A recent 43,000 square foot expansion at Triple M Housing increased the facility to 165,000 square feet in which they construct nearly 700 homes a year that they export across Western Canada, Montana and Alaska.

Still located in Lethbridge after more than 115 years, Lethbridge Iron Works operates a modern facility of over 110,000 square feet on 7 acres in the city’s industrial park. Using a modern automated production line that incorporates three additional robots simply to do the repetitive work, this facility is far more advanced than an old-fashioned foundry, turning out more than 2,000 individual products and pouring 12,000 tons of iron per year. 

At Flexahopper Plastics Ltd., they know that 'green' is good for business. In fact, they are one of Canada's largest manufacturers operating on wind energy (Bullfrog Power). The Lethbridge facility is 6 times larger than it was in 1990, due to the adoption of lean production process.

International Manufacturing Cost Index - Electronics & Chemicals
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International Manufacturing Cost Index - Aerospace, Automotive, Metal Components
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Rating index assumes the United States as a baseline of 100.0%


Competitive Alternatives: KPMG's Guide to International Business Location, 2014 Edition

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