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4.1 million
The amount of square footage of floor that manufacturing firms in Lethbridge occupy. The equivalent to 70 (NFL) football fields (47 CFL football fields).

The Lethbridge Public Library serves an estimated 700,000 patrons each year in person, and more than 500,000 online.

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Cost of Doing Business

Lethbridge stands out in Western Canada as a hot spot, and not just because of the sunshine.

Businesses in Lethbridge continue to thrive within a supportive and competitive industry environment despite an economic downturn in other centres. Our sunny city offers a low cost operating environment with savings in areas such as: taxation, utilities, labour and transportation.

In a recent international business cost study by management consultants KPMG, Lethbridge ranked in the top three in terms of transportation, facility and location related costs. Lethbridge remains competitive in a range of non-cost factors, including: labour availability and skills, economic conditions and markets, innovation, infrastructure, regulatory environment, cost of living and quality of life.

  • Operational Costs - the operating costs associated with business: facilities, transportation, labour, etc.
  • Construction and Occupancy - the costs associated with building new facilities or taking over existing commercial or industrial spaces.
  • Taxes - an overview of  provincial and municipal taxes
  • Utilities - cost of basic public utilities in Lethbridge

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